Programming and GUI Fundamentals

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Programming and GUI Fundamentals, Wiley
TCL-TK for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
Von Suman Lata Tripathi, Abhishek Kumar, Jyotirmoy Pathak, im heise Shop in digitaler Fassung erhältlich
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DISCOVER THE FOUNDATIONS OF TCL PROGRAMMING AND GUI DEVELOPMENTProgramming and GUI Fundamentals: Tcl-Tk for Electronic Design Automation (EDA), delivers a comprehensive exploration of the major design challenges and potential present in application and tool development with Tcl-Tk. Accessibly written and easy-to-understand, the book can be used by students at a variety of levels, as well as researchers and working professionals. The authors present the fundamental concepts of Tcl programming and graphic user interface (GUI) development using images, and photographs, assisting with concept understanding and retention. They describe real-time system designs and offer students and designers the opportunity to learn about critical concepts in scripting and GUI development. Readers will learn to design their own GUI, place and package widgets on the GUI, and allow EDA professionals, chip designers and students to code and design in TCL-TK. They will also benefit from:

* A thorough introduction to scripting languages and wish interpreters, including their fundamental concepts, TCL tips and tricks, and command, variable, and procedure examples
* Comprehensive explorations of the TCL data structure, including datatypes, strings and commands, lists and commands, and arrays and commands
* Practical discussions of TCL control flow, including conditional commands, multi-condition commands, and loop commands
* In-depth examinations of file input/output processing, including TCL file read-write, open and close commands, gets, and puts.

Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students studying programming or computer science, as well as professionals working on electronic design automation and chip design, Programming and GUI Fundamentals: Tcl-Tk for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is also an indispensable resource for programming professionals seeking to upskill. SUMAN LATA TRIPATHI, PHD, is Professor of VLSI Design at Lovely Professional University. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE and obtained her doctorate in Microelectronics and VLSI Design from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India. ABHISHEK KUMAR, PHD, is Associate Professor at Lovely Professional University. He received his doctorate in VLSI Design for Low Power and Secured Architecture from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. JYOTIRMOY PATHAK is Assistant Professor at Lovely Professional University, Punjab India. He has published over 10 research papers, holds 9 patents, and 1 copyright. Author Biographies

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 – Basic Command

Chapter 3 - Program Flow Control

Chapter 4 - Tcl Data Structure

Chapter 5 - Tcl Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter 6: File Processing

Chapter 7: Toolkit Widget

Chapter 8 - Binding Command and Other Widget

Chapter 9 - Canvas Widget and Tk Commands

Chapter 10 - Tcl-Tk for EDA Tool

Abhishek Kumar, Jyotirmoy Pathak, Suman Lata Tripathi

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