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Blitz und Licht

Mit nur einem Blitz effektvoll... Autor: Michael Nagel Format: PDF

Wer beim Fotografieren kreativ mit Licht spielt, der kann seine Motive eindrucksvoll inszenieren und besondere Stimmungen erzeugen – und das mit nur wenig Aufwand. Dieses Buch hilft Ihnen, die...

GitHub For Dummies

Autor: Phil Haack Format: EPUB, PDF

Code collaboratively with GitHub Once you’ve learned the basics of coding the next step is to start sharing your expertise, learning from other coding pros, or working as a collaborative member...

Cyber-Vigilance and Digital Trust

Cyber Security in the Era of... Format: EPUB, PDF

Cyber threats are ever increasing. Adversaries are getting more sophisticated and cyber criminals are infiltrating companies in a variety of sectors. In today’s landscape, organizations need to...


Toward a New Model of... Autor: Alfredo M. Ronchi Format: PDF

This book explores various e-Services related to health, learning, culture, media and the news, and the influences the Web and related technologies have had and continue to have in each of these...