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Practical Concurrent Haskell

With Big Data Applications Autor: Marius Mihailescu, Stefania... Format: PDF

Learn to use the APIs and frameworks for parallel and concurrent applications in Haskell. This book will show you how to exploit multicore processors with the help of parallelism in order to...

Mastering Zoho Creator

Build Cloud-Based Business... Autor: Ali Shabdar Format: PDF

Learn how to use Zoho Creator effectively to benefit your business. This book takes you through a number of real-life scenarios and teaches you how to use Zoho Creator to create solutions for your...

JavaFX 9 by Example

Autor: Sean Phillips, Carl Dea,... Format: PDF

Create media-rich client applications using JavaFX 9 and the Java 9 platform. Learn to create GUI-based applications for mobile devices, desktop PCs, and even the web. Incorporate media such as...

Learn FileMaker Pro 16

The Comprehensive Guide to... Autor: Mark Conway Munro Format: PDF

Extend FileMaker's built-in functionality and totally customize your data management environment with specialized functions and menus to super-charge the results and create a truly unique and...