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Azure and Xamarin Forms

Cross Platform Mobile Development Autor: Russell Fustino Format: PDF

Discover how to create cross platform apps for Android, iOS and UWP using Azure services and C# with Xamarin Forms. This book illustrates how to utilize Azure cloud storage for serving up Azure SQL...

SQL Primer

An Accelerated Introduction to... Autor: Rahul Batra Format: PDF

Build a core level of competency in SQL so you can recognize the parts of queries and write simple SQL statements. SQL knowledge is essential for anyone involved in programming, data science, and...

Asset Attack Vectors

Building Effective Vulnerability... Autor: Morey J. Haber, Brad Hibbert Format: PDF

Build an effective vulnerability management strategy to protect your organization’s assets, applications, and data.Today’s network environments are dynamic, requiring multiple defenses to...

Programming 101

The How and Why of Programming... Autor: Jeanine Meyer Format: PDF

Understand the importance of programming, even if you’ve never programmed before! This book will teach you the basics of programming using the Processing programming language. You will create...