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The Digital Era 1

Big Data Stakes Format: EPUB, PDF

For 200 years, industry mastered iron, fire, strength and energy. Today, electronics shapes our everyday objects, integrating chips: computers, phones, keys, games, household appliances, etc. Data,...

The Revenue Acceleration Rules

Supercharge Sales and Marketing... Autor: Kent McCormick, Shashi... Format: EPUB

Turn data into revenue in the B2B marketing sphere The Revenue Acceleration Rules is a unique guide in the business-to-business space, providing a clear framework for more effective marketing in...

Inbound PR

The PR Agency's Manual to... Autor: Iliyana Stareva Format: EPUB, PDF

The digital era’s new consumer demands a new approach to PR Inbound PR is the handbook that can transform your agency’s business. Today’s customer is fundamentally different, and traditional...

Semantic Applications

Methodology, Technology,... Format: PDF

This book describes methodologies for developing semantic applications. Semantic applications are software applications which explicitly or implicitly use the semantics, i.e. the meaning of a...