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Make: Volume 36


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Highlights dieser Ausgabe:

  • New Zealand Kite Maker
  • Tigergate
  • Making the Future with Arduino
  • Wearable Tech
  • Anatomy of a Board
  • Which Board is Right for Me?
  • Laser Projection Microscope
  • Vinyl Silk-Screen Printing
Lieferung: 10-14 Tage
Anbieter: Maker Media Inc
Sprache: Englisch
EAN: 9781449363765
Veröffentlicht: 22.10.2013
MAKE Vol. 36 goes on sale today. The new issue take a look at the exploding market of boards and microcontrollers. The Arduino and Raspberry Pi have ushered in a whole new generation boards tailor-made for making.

Microcontrollers are powerful, easy to use, tiny computers that allow anyone to add sophisticated interactivity to their projects. In this issue, we take a deep dive into the world of boards and add-ons that are fueling a new smart device revolution. From workshop hobbyists to entrepreneurial innovators pushing accessible technology to new levels.

Which board is right for you? This issue issue delves into:

  • The best boards for your build. What they do and why you might want to use them.
  • Microcontrollers for the next generation: Ultra- miniaturization, wireless, and multi-function shields.
  • Add-ons for boards
  • Upcoming boards with estimated release dates and previews.

  • But the issue goes beyond boards and includes projects that show you how to make your own hard cider with a juicer, a simple table that can be built in two hours, an interview with New Zealand kite-maker Peter Lynn, and the making of tiger gates in the London Zoo.
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