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Polished Game Development

From First Steps to Final Release

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Learn how to raise your game from programmer art to professional polish
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Learn the things you need for a complete game, such as translations and tutorials, and improve the things you've already written to raise their standard to a professional level. This is a practical guide covering every discipline: art, music, writing, and code. In the case of the latter, code examples are included to demonstrate how to implement functionality to make the game shine.

Polished Game Development acts as a comprehensive checklist of everything your game should, and should not, do, in order to be as good as it possibly can. It is more than just a book on theoretical game design principles.

  • Explains the difference between a pet project, and a professional one.
  • Covers how to test for the problems and bugs you don't know you'll have.
  • Details simple, but effective, visual improvements that can be done with very little effort.

Regardless of platform (web, mobile, or console), or language (C++, C#, JavaScript) there is a wealth of common (and specific) tips within these pages that will enable you to make the most professional games you can.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn what essential elements are often missed
  • Stay on-brand, visually and verbally
  • Use audio to enhance your game
  • Improve game balance
  • Test effectively
Who This Book Is For

Game developers looking for a guide and checklist on how to get their game finished to the highest possible standards. They will know how to write a game, and get it released, but not necessarily how to make it shine. They will be professional developers, indies, university students and graduates.

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