Convergence: Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

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Convergence: Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, Wiley
Social, Economic, and Policy Impacts
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PREPARE FOR THE COMING CONVERGENCE OF AI AND QUANTUM COMPUTINGA collection of essays from 20 renowned, international authors working in industry, academia, and government, Convergence: Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing explains the impending convergence of artificial intelligence and quantum computing. A diversity of viewpoints is presented, each offering their view of this coming watershed event. In the book, you’ll discover that we’re on the cusp of seeing the stuff of science fiction become reality, with huge implications for ripping up the existing social fabric, global economy, and current geopolitical order. Along with an incisive foreword by Hugo- and Nebula-award winning author David Brin, you’ll also find:

* Explorations of the increasing pace of technological development
* Explanations of why seemingly unusual and surprising breakthroughs might be just around the corner
* Maps to navigate the potential minefields that await us as AI and quantum computing come together

A fascinating and thought-provoking compilation of insights from some of the leading technological voices in the world, Convergence convincingly argues that we should prepare for a world in which very little will remain the same and shows us how to get ready. GREG VIGGIANO, PHD, is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physics at George Mason University. His research interests include new technology applications and their macro social effects. He earned his doctorate in Mass Communication from Florida State University and is also the pro bono Executive Director for the Museum of Science Fiction in Washington, D.C. Preface xi

Foreword xix


Chapter 1 Quantum Inflection Points 3

Jim Gable

Chapter 2 Quantum Delegation 11

Mandy Sweeney and Chris Gauthier

Chapter 3 The Problem of Machine Actorhood 23

Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

Chapter 4 Data Privacy, Security, and Ethical Governance Under Quantum AI 37

Sarah Pearce

Chapter 5 The Challenge of Quantum Noise 45

Philip Johnson

Chapter 6 A New Kind of Knowledge Discovery 53

Ramin Ayanzadeh and Milton Halem


Chapter 7 Quantum Tuesday: How the U.S. Economy Will Fall, and How to Stop It 63

Alexander W. Butler

Chapter 8 Quantum-AI Space Communications 83

Mason Peck

Chapter 9 Quantum Planet Hacking 93

Philip L. Frana

Chapter 10 Ethics and Quantum AI for Future Public Transit Systems 111

Benjamin Crawford

Chapter 11 The Road to a Better Future 119

Denise Ruffner and André M. König


Chapter 12 The Best Numbers Are in Sight. But Understanding? 129

Roald Hoffmann and Jean-Paul Malrieu

Chapter 13 The Advancement of Intelligence or the End of It? 143

Kate Jeffery

Chapter 14 Quantum of Wisdom 157

Colin Allen and Brett Karlan

Chapter 15 Human Imagination and HAL 167

Erik Viirre

Chapter 16 A Critical Crossroad 175

Joseph N. Pelton

Chapter 17 Empathetic AI and Personalization Algorithms 183

Philippe Beaudoin and Alexander W. Butler

Chapter 18 Should We Let the Machine Decide What Is Meaningful? 193

J. M. Taylor

Chapter 19 The Ascent of Quantum Intelligence in Steiner’s Age of the Consciousness Soul 205

Stephen R. Waite

Chapter 20 Quantum Computing’s Beautiful Accidents 213

Christopher Savoie

Appendix A What Is Quantum Computing? 221

Philip L. Frana

Appendix B What Is Artificial Intelligence? 239

Philip L. Frana

Glossary 247

References 251

Index 259

About the Editor 271
David Brin, Greg Viggiano

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