The Active Defender

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The Active Defender, Wiley
Immersion in the Offensive Security Mindset
Von Catherine J. Ullman, im heise Shop in digitaler Fassung erhältlich
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IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE OFFENSIVE SECURITY MINDSET TO BETTER DEFEND AGAINST ATTACKSIn The Active Defender: Immersion in the Offensive Security Mindset, Senior Information Security Forensic Analyst Dr. Catherine J. Ullman delivers an expert treatment of the Active Defender approach to information security. In the book, you’ll learn to understand and embrace the knowledge you can gain from the offensive security community. You’ll become familiar with the hacker mindset, which allows you to gain emergent insight into how attackers operate and better grasp the nature of the risks and threats in your environment. The author immerses you in the hacker mindset and the offensive security culture to better prepare you to defend against threats of all kinds. You’ll also find:

* Explanations of what an Active Defender is and how that differs from traditional defense models
* Reasons why thinking like a hacker makes you a better defender
* Ways to begin your journey as an Active Defender and leverage the hacker mindset

An insightful and original book representing a new and effective approach to cybersecurity, The Active Defender will be of significant benefit to information security professionals, system administrators, network administrators, and other tech professionals with an interest or stake in their organization’s information security. CATHERINE J. ULLMAN is a security researcher, speaker, and Principal Technology Architect, Security at the University at Buffalo. She is a DFIR specialist and expert in incident management, intrusion detection, investigative services, and personnel case resolution. She offers security awareness training in an academic setting and is a well-known presenter at information security conferences, including DEF CON and Blue Team Con.
Catherine J. Ullman

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