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Digital Dictionary, Wiley
Von Marie Cauli, Laurence Favier, Jean-Yves Jeannas, im heise Shop in digitaler Fassung erhältlich
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Digital Dictionary presents the multiple facets of this phenomenon, which was born of computers and continues to permeate all human activity as it progresses at a rapid pace. In this multidisciplinary work, experts, academics and practitioners invite us to discover the digital world from various technological and societal perspectives.

In this book, citizens, trainers, political leaders or association members, students and users will find a base of knowledge that will allow them to update their understanding and become stakeholders in current societal changes.

MARIE CAULI is an anthropologist and professor emeritus at the University of Artois in Arras, France. Her current work explores health, development, training and digital issues.

LAURENCE FAVIER is a professor of information and communication sciences at the University of Lille, France. Her current work focuses on the organization of knowledge, archives in the digital age and the digital transformation of the state.

JEAN-YVES JEANNAS works at the University of Lille, France. He is an expert in the European working group DigComp, vice-president of the AFUL and a member of the CNIL's national "Digital Education" group.

Introduction xi

Marie CAULI, Laurence FAVIER and Jean-Yves JEANNAS

A 1

Accessibility 1

Nathalie Pinède

Agricultural Robotics 4

Philippe Le Guern

Anthropology 10

Marie Cauli

Art and Robotics 14

Philippe Le Guern

Artificial Intelligence 18

Jean-Michel Loubes

B 23

Between Digital Transformation and Cultural Evolution 23

Ilham Mekrami-Guggenheim

Blockchain 25

Jean-Paul Delahaye

Brain-Computer Interfaces 28

Frédéric Dehais and Fabien Lotte

C 33

Coding 33

Nicolas Pettiaux

Communication 35

Serge Tisseron

Community 37

Edwige Pierot

Computer 40

Laurent Bloch

Computer Science 42

Jean-Pierre Archambault

Computer Security 47

Gérard Berry

Contributory Economy 50

François Elie

Contributory Governance 55

Michel Briand

Course Guidance 58

Francis Danvers

Critical Thinking (Education for) 61

Marie Cauli

Crowdsourcing 65

Laurence Favier

D 69

Data Economy 69

Bruno Deffains

Data, Information, Knowledge 73

Serge Abiteboul

Digital Commons 76

Sébastien Shulz

Digital Humanities 79

Joana Casenave

Digital Inclusion 83

Vincent Meyer

Digital Skills Repositories 87

Jean-Yves Jeannas

Digital Sovereignty 90

François Pellegrini

Digital Transition 94

Vincent Meyer

Disability 98

Nathalie Pinède

Diversity 101

Samia Ghozlane

E 105

Eco-digital Responsibility 105

Jean-Yves Jeannas and Marie Cauli

Educational Digital Technology 109

Valèse Mapto Kengne

Electronic Voting 113

Chantal Enguehard

Empathy 118

Serge Tisseron

Ethics 121

Gilles Dowek

F 125

File Formats 125

Jean-Yves Jeannas

Formal Language 128

Gilles Dowek

Free and Open Source Software 132

Jean-Yves Jeannas

Free Licenses 135

Jean-Yves Jeannas

Free Software (in French National Education) 139

Jean-Pierre Archambault

H 145

Habitele 145

Dominique Boullier

Hacking 148

Éric Zufferey

Health Data 151

Marie Cauli

Human-system 155

Julien Cegarra and Jordan Navarro

I 161

Indexing 161

Ismaïl Timimi

Information Ethics 164

Widad Mustafa El Hadi

Innovation 170

Serge Miranda and Manel Guechtouli

Interoperability 174

Fabrice Papy

Intimacy/extimacy 176

Serge Tisseron

IT (in General Education) 179

Jacques Baudé

IT (Teaching of) 183

Jean-Pierre Archambault

J 187

Jim Gray's Paradigm 187

Serge Miranda and Manel Guechtouli

K 191

Knowledge Organization 191

Widad Mustafa El Hadi

L 197

Law (Professions of -) 197

Christophe Mondou

Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems 201

Thierry Berthier and Gérard de Boisboissel

Library 206

Laure Delrue and Julien Roche

M 211

Medical Imaging 211

Marie Cauli and Jean-Pierre Pruvo

Medicine, Health 216

Marie Cauli and Jean-Pierre Pruvo

mHealth 220

Bruno Boidin

Military Robotics 224

Thierry Berthier and Gérard de Boisboissel

Mobiquity 229

Serge Miranda and Manel Guechtouli

MOOCs 231

Serge Miranda and Manel Guechtouli

Museums 234

Corinne Baujard

O 239

Open Science (Dissemination) 239

Julien Roche

Open Science (Origins) 243

Julien Roche

P 247

Predictive Justice 247

Bruno Deffains

Processors 251

Laurent Bloch

Proprietary Licenses 255

Juliette Sénéchal

R 261

Rob'Autisme 261

Sophie Sakka

Rob'Éduc 264

Sophie Sakka

Robotics and Society 267

Sophie Sakka

Routing 269

Laurent Bloch

S 275

Science Fiction 275

Guy Thuillier

Seniors (the Internet) 279

Aline Chevalier and Mylène Sanchiz

Smart City 283

Ornella Zaza

Social Contract 287

Bruno Deffains

Social Network 291

Zhenfei Feng

Sociotics 293

Vincent Meyer

Source Code 297

Roberto Di Cosmo

Surveillance Capitalism 300

Christophe Masutti

Surveillance Studies 303

Christophe Masutti

T 309

Training 309

Samia Ghozlane

W 313

Web 2.0 313

Zhenfei Feng

Work 316

Sarah Abdelnour and Dominique Méda

Glossary 321

List of Authors 329

Index 333
Jean-Yves Jeannas, Laurence Favier, Marie Cauli

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