Cyber Guardians

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Cyber Guardians, Wiley
Empowering Board Members for Effective Cybersecurity
Von Bart R. McDonough, im heise Shop in digitaler Fassung erhältlich
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A COMPREHENSIVE OVERVIEW FOR DIRECTORS AIMING TO MEET THEIR CYBERSECURITY RESPONSIBILITIESIn Cyber Guardians: Empowering Board Members for Effective Cybersecurity, veteran cybersecurity advisor Bart McDonough delivers a comprehensive and hands-on roadmap to effective cybersecurity oversight for directors and board members at organizations of all sizes. The author includes real-world case studies, examples, frameworks, and blueprints that address relevant cybersecurity risks, including the industrialized ransomware attacks so commonly found in today’s headlines. In the book, you’ll explore the modern cybersecurity landscape, legal and regulatory requirements, risk management and assessment techniques, and the specific role played by board members in developing and promoting a culture of cybersecurity. You’ll also find:

* Examples of cases in which board members failed to adhere to regulatory and legal requirements to notify the victims of data breaches about a cybersecurity incident and the consequences they faced as a result
* Specific and actional cybersecurity implementation strategies written for readers without a technical background
* What to do to prevent a cybersecurity incident, as well as how to respond should one occur in your organization

A practical and accessible resource for board members at firms of all shapes and sizes, Cyber Guardians is relevant across industries and sectors and a must-read guide for anyone with a stake in robust organizational cybersecurity. BART R. MCDONOUGH, the CEO and Founder of Agio, uses his extensive 20-plus years of IT and cybersecurity expertise to decode complex cybersecurity subjects, establishing him as a reliable resource for clients. His acclaimed book Cyber Smart provides a user-friendly guide to navigating the intricate landscape of cybersecurity for professionals and families alike. In addition to his role as a strategic cybersecurity advisor to boards, McDonough has also contributed valuable insights and perspectives as a member of several boards. Throughout his notable career, he has offered expert cybersecurity counsel to some of the world’s premier money managers. Bart received his undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut and his Master’s degree from Yale University.
Bart R. McDonough

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