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  • Increasing your productivity with Artificial Intelligence
  • Clone your own voice with AI
  • Recognising the limits of language models
  • Learn to use language models
  • AI rules for school and work


This special issue of c't Working with AI provides tests and practical instructions for working with chatbots. It explains why language models make mistakes and how they can be minimized. This not only helps when you send questions and orders to one of the chatbots offered online.

If you do not want to or are not allowed to use cloud services for data protection reasons, for example, you can also set up your own voice AI. The c't editorial team explains where to find a suitable voice model, how to host it locally, and which service providers can host it.

The fact that generative AI is becoming increasingly productive harbors both opportunities and risks. Appropriate rules for the use of AI in schools, training, and at work help to exploit opportunities and minimize risks.

► About the magazine:

Run your own voice AI
Apart from ChatGPT, you can find thousands of open and free language models on Hugging Face. We show you how to set up your first own language model and customise its inputs and outputs with prompts.
6 free language models to experiment with
12 Operating free language AIs without the cloud
20 Falcon-7B language AI in Google Colab
24 Hosting your own language AI

Recognising the limits of language models
Why do language models say so much nonsense and what kind of data are they actually trained with? And what about copyright? We analyse the AI researchers' papers and provide some insight.
28 Why language models make a lot of mistakes
34 How benchmarks measure language AIs
40 Interview: Language AIs need human testers
42 Quality problems in AI training
48 Avoiding the mistakes of voice AIs
54 How to expose chatbots
60 c't readers fool Bard and ChatGPT

Use language models
You can only speak in English and need an assistant for tedious search, writing and programming tasks? We compare research, translation and office assistants.
66 What ChatGPT plug-ins can do
72 How ChatGPT helps with programming
76 English writing assistants put to the test
84 SoftMaker Office now with AI connection
90 Voice AI explains research work

Editing images and audio
AI programmes transcribe recordings and speak texts. Midjourney also calculates photorealistic images. We compare the providers and provide tips for creative professionals.
98 Artistic styles with Midjourney
106 Recognising fake images generated with AI
114 AI voices in the test
122 Transcribe speech locally with Whisper

Rules for school and work
AI is transforming education and work. Companies need fixed rules, schools and universities need new concepts for integrating AI programmes into lessons. Initial experiences are already available.
130 The labour market is changing
138 Learning and working with ChatGPT & Co.
148 Smart rules for AIs
156 Guidelines for AI in the company

3 Editorial
161 Imprint
162 Preview: c't PC building & upgrading

This magazine is the English translation of the German c’t special issue KI Praxis, which was published by heise Medien in November 2023. The articles were machine translated and edited by hand. However, translation-related errors or indirect errors resulting from the translation cannot be ruled out. If you find any errors or have any comments on the translation, please send an e-mail to translation@heise.de. As technical development - particularly in the field of artificial intelligence - is progressing rapidly, we would also like to point out that the articles reflect the state of technology at the time the articles were written.

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