Conversational Artificial Intelligence

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Conversational Artificial Intelligence, Wiley
Von Romil Rawat, Rajesh Kumar Chakrawarti, Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi, Piyush Vyas, Mary Sowjanya Alamanda, Kotagiri Srividya, K. Sakthidasan Sankaran, im heise Shop in digitaler Fassung erhältlich
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Conversational AI combines natural language processing (NLP) with traditional software like chatbots, voice assistants, or an interactive voice recognition system to help customers through either a spoken or typed interface. Conversational chatbots that respond to questions promptly and accurately to help customers are a fascinating development since they make the customer service industry somewhat self-sufficient. A well-automated chatbot can decimate staffing needs, but creating one is a time-consuming process. Voice recognition technologies are becoming more critical as AI assistants like Alexa become more popular. Chatbots in the corporate world have advanced technical connections with clients thanks to improvements in artificial intelligence. However, these chatbots’ increased access to sensitive information has raised serious security concerns. Threats are one-time events such as malware and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) assaults. Targeted strikes on companies are familiar and frequently lock workers out. User privacy violations are becoming more common, emphasizing the dangers of employing chatbots. Vulnerabilities are systemic problems that enable thieves to break in. Vulnerabilities allow threats to enter the system, hence they are inextricably linked. Malicious chatbots are widely used to spam and advertise in chat rooms by imitating human behavior and discussions, or to trick individuals into disclosing personal information like bank account details.

ROMIL RAWAT, PHD, is an assistant professor at Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore. With over 12 years of teaching experience, he has published numerous papers in scholarly journals and conferences. He has also published book chapters and is a board member on two scientific journals. He has received several research grants and has hosted research events, workshops, and training programs. He also has several patents to his credit.

RAJESH KUMAR CHAKRAWARTI, PHD, is a professor and the Dean of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Sushila Devi Bansal College, Bansal Group of Institutions, India. He has over 20 years of industry and academic experience and has published over 100 research papers and chapters in books.

SANJAYA KUMAR SARANGI, PHD, is an adjunct professor and coordinator at Utkal University, Coordinator and Adjunct Professor, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India. He has over 23 years of academic experience and has authored textbooks, book chapters, and papers for journals and conferences. He has been a visiting doctoral fellow at the University of California, USA, and he has more than 30 patents to his credit.

PIYUSH VYAS, PHD, is an assistant professor of computer information systems at Texas A&M University Central-Texas, USA. He has published numerous journal and conference articles in scholarly journals and conferences.

MARY SOWJANYA ALAMANDA, PHD, is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering at Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, India. She has four patents to her credit and has published more than 80 research publications in scholarly journals and conferences.

KOTAGIRI SRIVIDYA, PHD, is an associate professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science at the GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam, India. He has 18 years of teaching experience.

K. SAKTHIDASAN SANKARAN is a professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, India. He is a reviewer and an editorial board member for several scholarly journals, and he has published more than 70 papers. He also has three books to his credit.

Preface xxiii

1 A Glance View on Cloud Infrastructures Security and Solutions 1

Srinivasa Rao Gundu, Charanarur Panem and J. Vijaylaxmi

2 Artificial Intelligence Effectiveness for Conversational Agents in Healthcare Security 17

Ahmad Mateen Buttar and Abdul Hyee

3 Conversational AI: Security Features, Applications, and Future Scope at Cloud Platform 31

Ahmad Mateen Buttar, Faisal Shahzad and Uzma Jamil

4 Unsupervised BERT-Based Granular Sentiment Analysis of Literary Work 59

N. Shyamala Devi and K. Sharmila

5 Extracting and Analyzing Factors to Identify the Malicious Conversational AI Bots on Twitter 71

Gitika Vyas, Piyush Vyas, Prathamesh Muzumdar, Anitha Chennamaneni, Anand Rajavat and Romil Rawat

6 Evolution and Adoption of Conversational Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Industry 85

Neha Aggarwal and Kriti Bhaswar Singh

7 Chatbots: Meaning, History, Vulnerabilities, and Possible Defense 95

Divya Nair

8 Conversational Chatbot-Based Security Threats for Business and Educational Platforms and Their Counter Measures 107

Hriakumar Pallathadka, Domenic T. Sanchez, Larry B. Peconcillo, Jr., Malik Jawarneh, Julie Anne T. Godinez and John V. De Vera

9 Identification of User Preference Using Human–Computer Interaction Technologies and Design of Customized Reporting for Business Analytics Using Ranking Consistency Index 127

Martin Aruldoss, Miranda Lakshmi Travis and Prasanna Venkatesan Venkatasamy

10 Machine Learning for Automatic Speech Recognition 147

Hrishitva Patel, Ramakrishnan Raman, Malik Jawarneh, Arshiya S. Ansari, Hriakumar Pallathadka and Domenic T. Sanchez

11 Conversational Artificial Intelligence at Industrial Internet of Things 169

Dhirendra Siddharth, DilipKumar Jang Bahadur Saini, Mummadi Ramchandra and Summathi Loganathan

12 Performance Analysis of Cloud Hypervisor Using Network Package Workloads in Virtualization 185

J. Mary Ramya Poovizhi and R. Devi

13 Evaluation of Chabot Text Classification Using Machine Learning 199

P. Kumaraguru Diderot, K. Sakthidasan Sankaran, Malik Jawarneh, Hriakumar Pallathadka, José Luis Arias-Gonzáles and Domenic T. Sanchez

14 Enhanced Security in Chatbot 219

Ambika N.

15 Heart Disease Prediction Using Ensemble Feature Selection Method and Machine Learning Classification Algorithms 237

A. Lakshmi and R. Devi

16 Conversational AI: Dialoguing Most Humanly With Non-Humans 249

Rehan Khan, Shadab Pasha Khan and Syed Adnan Ali

17 Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Drug Identification 269

Sajidha S. A., Aakif Mairaj, Amit Kumar Tyagi, A. Vijayalakshmi, Nisha V. M., Siddharth Nair, C.K.M. Ganesan, Ram Gunasekaran and Hitarth Menon

18 Advanced Security Solutions for Conversational AI 287

Ranjana Sikarwar, Harish Kumar Shakya, Ajay Kumar and Anjali Rawat

19 Security Threats and Security Testing for Chatbots 303

Domenic T. Sanchez and Rodel S. Sartagoda

20 ChatBot-Based Next-Generation Intrusion Detection System 319

Tzu-Chia Chen

21 Conversational Chatbot With Object Recognition Using Deep Learning and Machine Learning 335

A. Mahesh Babu, Malik Jawarneh, José Luis Arias-Gonzáles, Meenakshi, Kishori Kasat and K.P. Yuvaraj

22 Automatic Speech Recognition Design Modeling 353

Babu Rao.K, Bhargavi Mopuru, Malik Jawarneh, José Luis Arias-Gonzáles, Samuel-Soma M. Ajibade and P. Prabhu

23 The Future of Modern Transportation for Smart Cities Using Trackless Tram Networks 369

Samson Arun Raj A. and Yogesh P.

24 Evaluating the Performance of Conversational AI Tools: A Comparative Analysis 385

Deepika Chauhan, Chaitanya Singh, Romil Rawat and Manoj Dhawan

25 Conversational AI Applications in Ed-Tech Industry: An Analysis of Its Impact and Potential in Education 411

Deepika Chauhan, Chaitanya Singh, Romil Rawat and Mukesh Chouhan

26 Conversational AI: Introduction to Chatbot's Security Risks, Their Probable Solutions, and the Best Practices to Follow 435

Vivek Bhardwaj, Balwinder Kaur Dhaliwal, Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi, T.M. Thiyagu, Aruna Patidar and Divyam Pithawa

27 Recent Trends in Pattern Recognition, Challenges and Opportunities 459

S. Kannadhasan and R. Nagarajan

28 A Review of Renewable Energy Efficiency Technologies Toward Conversational AI 477

S. Kannadhasan and R. Nagarajan

29 Messaging Apps Vulnerability Assessment Using Conversational AI 495

Tzu-Chia Chen

30 Conversational AI Threat Identification at Industrial Internet of Things 513

Boussaadi Smail, Meenakshi, José Luis Arias-Gonzáles, Malik Jawarneh, P. Venkata Hari Prasad and Harikumar Pallathadka

31 Conversational AI—A State-of-the-Art Review 533

Vivek Bhardwaj, Mukesh Kumar, Divyani Joshi, Ankita Chourasia, Bhushan Bawaskar and Shashank Sharma

32 Risks for Conversational AI Security 557

Vivek Bhardwaj, Safdar Sardar Khan, Gurpreet Singh, Sunil Patil, Devendra Kuril and Sarthak Nahar

33 Artificial Intelligence for Financial Inclusion in India 589

Samir Xavier Bhawnra and K.B. Singh

34 Revolutionizing Government Operations: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration 607

Aman Kumar Mishra, Amit Kumar Tyagi, Sathian Dananjayan, Anand Rajavat, Hitesh Rawat and Anjali Rawat

35 Conversational AI and Cloud Platform: An Investigation of Security and Privacy 635

V. Durga Prasad Jasti, Devabalan Pounraj, Malik Jawarneh, Meenakshi, P. Venkata Hari Prasad and Samrat Ray

36 Chatbot vs Intelligent Virtual Assistance (IVA) 655

Ajit Noonia, Rijvan Beg, Aruna Patidar, Bhushan Bawaskar, Shashank Sharma and Hitesh Rawat

37 Digital Forensics with Emerging Technologies: Vision and Research Potential for Future 675

Anand Kumar Mishra, V. Hemamalini and Amit Kumar Tyagi

38 Leveraging Natural Language Processing in Conversational AI Agents to Improve Healthcare Security 699

Jami Venkata Suman, Farooq Sunar Mahammad, M. Sunil Kumar, B. Sai Chandana and Sankararao Majji

39 NLP-Driven Chatbots: Applications and Implications in Conversational AI 713

A. Mary Sowjanya and Kotagiri Srividya

References 724

About the Editors 727

Index 729
K. Sakthidasan Sankaran, Kotagiri Srividya, Mary Sowjanya Alamanda, Piyush Vyas, Rajesh Kumar Chakrawarti, Romil Rawat, Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi

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