Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

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Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, Morgan & Claypool Publishers
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THIS BOOK IS A GUIDE TO DESIGNING AND BUILDING KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS FROM ENTERPRISE RELATIONAL DATABASES IN PRACTICE. It presents a principled framework centered on mapping patterns to connect relational databases with knowledge graphs, the roles within an organization responsible for the knowledge graph, and the process that combines data and people. The content of this book is applicable to knowledge graphs being built either with property graph or RDF graph technologies.

Knowledge graphs are fulfilling the vision of creating intelligent systems that integrate knowledge and data at large scale. Tech giants have adopted knowledge graphs for the foundation of next-generation enterprise data and metadata management, search, recommendation, analytics, intelligent agents, and more. We are now observing an increasing number of enterprises that seek to adopt knowledge graphs to develop a competitive edge.

In order for enterprises to design and build knowledge graphs, they need to understand the critical data stored in relational databases. How can enterprises successfully adopt knowledge graphs to integrate data and knowledge, without boiling the ocean? This book provides the answers.

* Preface
* Foreword by an Anonymous CDO
* Foreword by Tom Plasterer
* Acknowledgments
* Disclaimer
* Introduction
* Designing Enterprise Knowledge Graphs
* Mapping Design Patterns
* Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs
* What's Next?
* Conclusions
* Bibliography
* Authors' Biographies
Morgan & Claypool Publishers
Juan Sequeda, Ora Lassila