Internet Kill Switch

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Internet Kill Switch, Mb Cooltura
Who will decide the complete digital blackout on a global scale?
Von Catherine Dumont, im heise Shop in digitaler Fassung erhältlich
The "Internet Kill Switch", as it is known worldwide, is a protective "countermeasure". It is the ability of governments to restrict or directly block access to the Internet: turn off all servers and connections. Considering all that the Internet entails in our daily lives, it is an extremely powerful weapon. Some consider it as a key tool for national security, allowing governments to respond immediately in times of crisis or cyber-attacks. Others fear a potential abuse of authority, claiming that it infringes on civil liberties and democratic values. Is it possible to implement this measure as a global reconfiguration, and why would it be done?

Catherine Dumont is an author and historian. Named as Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History, her research interests include the construction of racial identity and class structures.

1.WWW Reloaded

2.The Button

3.Cloud Backup

4.Internet and Democratization

5.Kill Switch at the Service of Censorship

6.Kill Switch to Stop a Revolution

7.Internet Blackout within the Laws

8.From the Pandemic to the Cyberpandemic

9.Kill Switch for a Great Reset

10.The National Security Perspective
Mb Cooltura
Catherine Dumont

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